Who we are


St. Trivelius Institute is a Christian school of higher education offering strong bible based programs, and is designated to meet the needs of individuals, local churches, and society at large.

Our students come from different countries and from all walks of life. Some are current church leaders. Others are being prepared to become pastors, teachers, or other full-time Christian workers. Others are in secular employment. All of them come with a desire to learn what it means to follow Christ in the contemporary society.

Our educational programs integrate academic achievement, practical civil majors, character development and practical ministry. Our goal is to produce strong leaders trained for holistic Christian living, beneficial to both Church and society.


The Name

Regarding the name of the Institute, Khan Tervel is also known as St. Trivelius Theoktist. In 718 AD Khan Tervel crushed and stopped the advance of the Arab conquest and saved both the Byzantine Empire and the rest of Europe. In 705 AD, in Constantinople, he was proclaimed Cesar of the Eastern Empire. This title was given exclusively only to Christian emperors and this was the only case when a foreign for the Byzantine Empire ruler received the title of a co-emperor. It is exactly because of this reason that the Church, both Eastern Orthodox and Catholic, honors him as a savior and protector saint of Europe.

Yet, having glory, honor, power and influence, which in our contemporary world so many people crave for at any cost, Khan Tervel himself retreated into a monastery near the city of Ohrid (in present day Macedonia), thus choosing humble Christian ministry and service to God, rather than the vain glory and the selfish interests and ambitions. This is a marvelous and vivid example of humility and strength of heart and character, which we would be glad to see reflected in our own lives and in the lives of more and more Christians and Church leaders.

Also, it is good to remember that during the reign of Khan Tervel (700-721), the Church is one. The division between East and West happened after 1054 AD. This is why the example and contribution of the Christian, ruler and monk Khan Tervel (St. Trivelius Theoktist) belongs to the whole Church, in spite of all the strife and divisions that marked the history of the Church centuries later.

Evgeny Naydenov