St. Trivelius Institute is a successor of Bible Academy “Logos” established in 1992. This is the beginning of the full-time program in Theology. The part-time program, offering courses since 1987, has centers in many churches around the Country. The goal of the program through the different forms of education is the training of Christians who are ready to serve God in the context, in which He has placed them, both within the Church and the society.

In 1999, BA “Logos” is renamed as the United Theological Faculty (UTF) and is one of the faculties of the newly established Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute, yet retaining it’s interdenominational character. Since 2008, UTF offers Masters program in two particular fields, namely Bibleistics and Chaplain Ministry.

In 2012, with decision №706/30.08.2012 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, the St. Trivelius Institute was opened as a continuation of the vision, philosophy and goals of BA “Logos” and UTF.

During the years the name of the institute has changed, but the goal remained the same – training people to serve God in their contemporary context. For 20 years of existence more than 120 people received their diplomas in the residence program, and more than 400 in the extension program. For a small country like Bulgaria with population 7.5 million, from which just 100 000 declared to be Christian Protestants, we are grateful to God for the people who, successfully completing our program, have committed themselves to serving both Church and society.

Through the years of existence we intentionally stayed as a nondenominational school where students from different churches and denominations have been studying and serving together as a vivid expression of the unity of the Church.