New Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Lecturer: Dr. Victor Kuligin


Time: 27-31 October 2014


Hours: 5 pm until 8 pm


Victor Kuligin is professor and Academic Dean at Bible Institute of South Africa in the Cape Town suburbs, as well as an international lecturer and author. He has a doctorate in Systematic Theology from the University of Stellenbosch. He and his wife, Rachel, have served with Africa Inland Mission and Pioneers for the past 20 years in Namibia and South Africa, and have five children. Ten Things has been translated into Korean and Portuguese and has sold 20,000 copies worldwide.



A course covering the 27 New Testament books of the Bible, along with a brief history of the intertestamental period leading up to the time of Jesus. Authorship, date, and contents for each book will be covered.


General Course Outline:

1- Monday, 27 October:                No Quiz

Lesson: Introduction to course, Intertestamental Period, NT Overview, Gospels, Tenney reading


2- Tuesday, 28 October:                Quiz 1: covers Tenney required reading, lecturer’s notes 1-12, Gospels

Lesson: Acts, Pauline Epistles (Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians)


3- Wednesday, 29 October:         Quiz 2: covers lecturer’s notes 13-19, Acts to Galatians

Book Summary Due

Lesson:Pauline Epistles (Ephesians to Philemon), lecturer’s notes p. 20


4- Thursday, 30 October:              Quiz 3: covers Ephesians to Philemon, lecturer’s notes p. 20

Lesson: General Epistles (Hebrews to Jude), lecturer’s notes 21-22


5- Friday, 31 October:                     Quiz 4: covers Hebrews to Jude, lecturer’s notes 21-22

Memory Verse Recital

Lesson: John’s Books (1, 2 & 3 John, Revelation), Course Conclusion, Exam preparation