Course: Pastoral Theology

Course: Pastoral Theology

 Professor: Frank Liesen

The course is part of the Bachelor program Theology, and will be held from June 18th to 22nd, from 18:00 to 21:00 in the building of St.Trivelius institute, Address: Sofia, 14 Antim Ist Str., floor 6

Course description: We will study the basic marks and practices of the church, as well as the life and leadership of a pastor or ministry leader. The focus will be on processing the Biblical data concerning these subjects. The course will include a presentation format, interaction amongst students, several processing exercises, and an emphasis on practical application.


The professor:

Frank Liesen is director of the organization Young Life, Berlin, Germany. It is a nonprofit organization that aims to reach young people by building long-term relationships, using the methods of play and fellowship. They organize weekly sport events and summer camps. For several years, the organization has representation in Bulgaria.

Before filling the post Liesen Frank has served as a missionary in Berlin with the Entrust organization among young people and students in Berlin.

Frank Liesen has experience as senior pastor of his ministry in the church Christian Associates International in Berlin from 1999 to 2005, in which establishment he was involved. After completing his Master's degree in Theology from the Seminary in Dallas, Tex, he served as student pastor at Eden Road Community Chirch in Arlington, USA.



1.      The church

1.1.   Definition + Metaphors

Essential marks

1.2.   Ordinances

1.3.   Church discipline

1.4.   Leadership

Essential practices

1.5.   Teaching and Preaching

1.6.   Evangelism

1.7.   Discipleship

1.8.   Fellowship

1.9.   Worship

1.10.  Ministry: Spiritual gifts

1.11.  Missions

1.12.  Giving and Funding


2.      The pastor/ministry leader

2.1.   Spiritual life and leadership

2.2.   Character

2.3.   Self-leadership

2.4.   Decision making process

2.5.   Team development

2.6.   Conflict resolution

2.7.   Counseling

3.      Process of church growth

3.1.   Developing a strategy

3.2.   Infancy to maturity

3.3.   Growth cycles