Graduation 2017

Graduation 2017

Greetings for the graduation of class 2017 of “St. Trivelius” Institute,

June 23, 2017

Dear friends and co-workers of the "St. Trivelius" Institute, it is with great joy, pleasure and satisfaction that I welcome the graduation of the 2017 Class of “St. Trivelius” Institute. This educational initiative, which has started some 30 years ago, went through various stages of development, growth, gaining experience.  It is now established as a respected theological school with attractive programs and innovative vision.

The object of the theological inquiry can be determined differently. It can be formulated in the context of the dogmatic or doctrinal systematizations of Christian theologians through the ages, it can be considered in a historical or pastoral context too. For me, theology is built upon the description, study, and critical revision of faith convictions. However, sometimes it takes more than a slight reconsideration of the convictions of faith that make us who we are as individuals and faithful communities. Such an understanding determines the specific nature of theological education. It deals with the most intimate dimensions of the personality and of what connects us in the community of faith, especially of the Christian faith. This makes the theology activities so interesting, delightful and at the same time delicate and responsible.

As the Apostle Paul assures us in a number of his messages, the Lord has endowed each of us with unique and personally inherent gifts. That is why in the center of attention and activity of "St. Trivelius" Institute remain the well-being, professional development and development of the spiritual gifts of our students and specialists, especially those related to the deep understanding, analysis, interpretation and communication of the meaning and importance of the biblical messages concerning the persons’  life and the life of the Christian communities in our country as well. These abilities are given to those who have the gifts of teaching and prophetic proclamation of the word of God. These church teachers have dedicated their lives to preaching and teaching in the Christian faith.

The spiritual gift of teaching is to help the church fulfill its ministry as "the pillar and foundation of the truth" (1 Timothy 3:15). My colleagues and I hope that you all will commit to supporting those you serve in their theological quests and encourage them to work for the well-being of the people and communities they are part of, wherever the Spirit of God leads them.

Among the graduates this year there are colleagues who chose to join the Academic community of the "St. Trivelius" Institute in order to strengthen and develop their ministry. Others had the desire to deepen their knowledge in new areas of theology such as "Wellness and Christian counseling", and some came to specialize in the area of Parental skills and Living by grace. Even our Dean decided to check on her own and experience the quality of the programs she had designed, and to feel the student thrill again. Whatever the motivation, everyone worked hard and achieved excellent results. We are so proud with Pastor Rumen Bordjiev who is currently the new chairman of the Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance. He graduated with honors the Master’s Program in Wellness and Christian counseling. We congratulate them all and wish them successful application of the accumulated knowledge and skills.