The Bachelor of Arts program in Theology

The Bachelor of Arts program in Theology offers focused instruction in the areas of theology, biblical studies, and integrating the Christian life into contemporary society and culture. The regular program takes three years to complete.


The curriculum is made up of required courses, elective courses, and faculty requirements, which are chosen from the following areas:

1. Prerequisite Courses:

Introduction to the specialty and Christian Education
English Language
History of Philosophy
Critical Thinking

2. Historical and Systematic Theology

Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics
Introduction to the Old Testament
Introduction to the New Testament
Old Testament Theology
New Testament Theology
Old Testament Interpretation
New Testament Interpretation
New Testament Greek
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
Biblical Archaeology
Survey of Church History
Systematic Theology
Theology of the Reformation
Contemporary Theology

3. Christian Faith and Contemporary Society

Christian Ethics
Evangelism and Discipleship
Communications and Mass Media
Theology of Cults and Religions
Christianity and Culture
Authority and Power Relationships
Political Ideologies and Religions
Legal Foundations: Religious Rights and Freedoms
Human rights
Sociology and Sociological Research

4. Church Growth and Development

Pastoral Theology and Church Management
Psychology and Pastoral Care
Liturgy and Christian Music

Contemporary forms and methods of management

Human Resource & Projects Management

Christian Education
Introduction to Eastern Orthodoxy
Church Planting and Church Growth
History of Christianity in Bulgaria
Ecumenical Relations

Thesis / State Examination

The Bachelor’s program concludes with the writing and defense of a thesis and a state comprehensive examination.