Master’s Program in Biblical Interpretation

This program offers in-depth study of biblical texts, including their interpretation and application to the contemporary context. It is designed for all students who already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree.   Candidates who have no prior theological education are required to complete an additional preparatory module of one semester’s duration (a total of seven units). The duration of the program is three semesters for those with prior theological education, and four semesters for those without. The master’s thesis is completed during the final semester.

Hermeneutics module

Courses: Historical-critical methods of biblical interpretation; Literary, rhetorical and canonical criticism in biblical interpretation; Old Testament interpretation by the New Testament writers; Biblical interpretation in the early Church and in the Reformation era.

Old Testament module

Courses: Old Testament law texts; Old Testament narrative texts; Old Testament prophetic texts; Old Testament poetic texts; Old Testament wisdom texts; The people of God; Israel and the Church; Biblical Hebrew for advanced students (І and ІІ).

New Testament module

Courses: Texts from the Synoptic Gospels; Texts from the Gospel and letters of the apostle John; Texts from the Acts of the apostles; Texts from the letters of Paul and the Letter to Hebrews; Texts from Revelation; The development of the messianic concept in the Bible; New Testament Greek for advanced students (І and ІІ).

History module

Courses: The history of Assyria, Judea and Israel from 931 BC to 721 BC; The history of Assyria, Judea and Babylon from 721 BC to 539 BC; The history of Judea and Persia from 539 BC to 400 BC; The history of the intertestamental period (3rd century BC to 1st century BC); Rome and Palestine in the New Testament period (1st century AD); The development of the early Church in the 1st century AD; Public worship and organization of the early Church (1st-3rd century); Church-state relationships in the 1st-4th centuries AD.

Master’s Thesis