Master program Spiritual Development / Wellness

Professional field: practical theology

Educational Degree: Master of Theology

Professional Qualification: consultant on issues of spiritual development

Form of education: part-time - 3 semesters ( specialists ) and 4 semesters (amateurs )

Admission requirements: diploma "bachelor"

Form of graduation: Master's thesis defense ( thesis )


The program provides:

∙ knowledge of spirituality, moral development and identity, the spiritual development of the individual, virtues, values ​​and restful life;

∙ opportunities to develop self-knowledge and self-improvement;

∙ opportunities to conduct research in the field of spirituality;

∙ opportunities for assessments in various aspects of spirituality;

∙ opportunities for training for the development of spiritual qualities, virtues and identity;

∙ opportunities for continuing education in doctoral programs in practical theology.


Master program " Spiritual Development " (Wellness) is an interdisciplinary ( psychology and theology ), focusing on the practical application and focused understanding of spiritual values, virtues and strengths in personality as well as seeking ways for their improvement. The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical training to develop skills for consulting in the field of spiritual development. " Spiritual Development" provides training for self-development and self-knowledge for deeper understanding and experience of the relationship with God. Lectors are the foremost experts and practitioners in the field of psychology, philosophy and theology: Prof. Rumen Stamatov, Prof. Kalin Yanakiev, Prof. George Kapriev Prof Tolya Stoitsova, Prof. Vladimir Gradev, Prof. Encho Gerganov, Dr. Bostandzhiev and others.


Course: Moral Development and Identity

Professor Kalin Yanakiev Ph.D., theologian, and cultural historian. Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy  at the Sofia University “St. Clement of Ohrid” of medieval culture and Christian philosophy, and also in Philosophy and History Faculty of the University of Plovdiv, and in the National Academy. Editor of '' Christianity and Culture ''.


Course: Spirituality and spiritual development

 Professor George Kapriev a Ph.D. specialized in Cologne and Paris. Since 1999 by 2007 he is head of the Department of History of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy at Sofia University “St. Clement of Ohrid ''. Co-founder of the European College of ancient and medieval philosophy (EGSAMP). Author of 14 books in the field of medieval Christian philosophy.


Course: Psychology of Communication


Tolya Stoitsova is Professor of Social and Media Psychology, Doctor of Psychological Sciences. She is a communications specialist and lecturer at the New Bulgarian University. There are over 120 scientific articles and papers and taught courses in " Social Psychology ", " Media Psychology ", " Non-verbal communication ", " Psychology of Communication ", " Counseling Psychology ", " Political Psychology ", " Mediating " and " Fundamentals of Training and learning ".


Course: Methodology of psychological research

Professor Encho Gerganov specializes in cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics and psychometrics. Director ' assessment center', Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology at the New Bulgarian University. His research interests are in the areas of: Encoding of information in human memory, experimental studies of semantics, classification and measurement of performance in the learning process.



Courses: Human behavior and the search for meaning

Prof. Rumen Stamatov is a doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of age and pedagogical psychology. Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education University " of Plovdiv ". Author of many books on psychology: child aggression. University textbook; Psychology of communication; Child Psychology and much more.

Course: Spiritual beliefs and practices

Professor Vladimir Gradev Doctor of Philosophy. Teaches Theory of Cultural religion in the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". From 2001 to 2006, Bulgaria's ambassador to the Holy See and the Order of Malta. Is the author of Breaking the Way ( 2000), Politics and Salvation (2005), between absolute mystery and nowhere (2007).


Training: Self-development and self-knowledge

Dr. Kamelia Slavcheva Doctor of Theology ( Sofia University " St. Kliment Ohridski" ) and an expert in canon law and human rights. Dean of Higher religious school "St. Triveliy " and lecturer at the New Bulgarian University, Department of History.


Course: Mental health and mental wellbeing

Dr. Vladimir Bostandzhiev graduated in medicine. Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, author of "The Psychotherapy of the game and really ", " The language treats " and others.


Course: Gratitude and Forgiveness

Dr. Svetlana SARIYSKA has a PhD in psychology and a psychologist at the University of Plovdiv " of Plovdiv ". Participates in the development of training programs for parents, and also in the " Practical activities in a real environment for students - future psychologists and counselors."


Course: Spirituality and grace

Scott Britton is a specialist in biblical scholarship, graduated from Capital Bible Seminary - Lanham, Maryland.


first semester

1. Psychology of communication - Professor Tolya Stoitsova

2. Spirituality and spiritual development - Prof. George Kapriev

3. Methods and methodology of psychological research - Professor Encho Gerganov

4. Moral development and identity - Prof. Kalin Yanakiev

5. Spirituality and grace - Professor Scott Britton

6. Coaching / counseling and self-development - Dr. Kamelia Slavcheva

7. Training for self-knowledge - Dr. Kamelia Slavcheva

second semester

8. Spiritual beliefs and practices - Prof. Vladimir Gradev

9. Human behavior - Prof. Rumen Stamatov

10. Mental health and mental well-being - Dr. Vladimir Bostandzhiev

11. Spirituality and care - Dr. Ole Magnus Olafsrud

12. Development in the life cycle - Prof. Rumen Stamatov

13. Sensitive Training for Skills - Professor Tolya Stoitsova


3 semester

14. Compassion and altruism - Prof. Rumen Stamatov

15. Marital counseling - Pastor Stojcho Apostolov

16. Gratitude and forgiveness - Dr. Svetlana SARIYSKA

17. The search for meaning - Prof. Rumen Stamatov

18. Conflict and Conflict Resolution - Dr. Eugene Naydenov

19. Training for parenting skills - Prof. Rumen Stamatov


4th semester (module for non-specialists - the theological disciplines )

  1. Systematic Theology - Dr. Eugene Naydenov

2. Introduction to Old Testament - Prof. Moni Almaleh

3. Introduction to New Testament - Dr. Vencislav Stoykov

4. Philosophy and history of religion - Professor Angel Stefanov

5. Christianity and Culture - Dr. Todor Velchev Dr. Steve Pankrats





∙ Semester Fee (payment at the start of the program) - 440lv.

∙ Reduced fee for one course - 3 days all day (payment prior to the course ) - 70 lv.

∙ Fee for one course - 3 days all day (payment at the start of the course) - 90lv.

∙ Fee for full-time education - 35lv.



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