“I signed up at St. Trivelius on a friend’s recommendation, expecting to check out a few courses to broaden my knowledge of the Bible. A few years later, I am now about to graduate with a full bachelor’s degree, from which I gained both theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as a new way of thinking and wonderful friendships. What helped me the most in my study was the broad view used to explore the subjects, with a focus on the person and work of Christ, and not on denominational and doctrinal differences.” – Radoslav Mihov

“I am very thankful for the education I received at Saint Trivelius. I enrolled there with a strong desire to dig deeper in the truths of God’s Word and this is exactly what I got  – thanks to the awesome teachers there. I am currently serving in my local city as a coach for the teenage Bible competition, so I can apply many of the precious lessons I learned in St. Trivelius – not just about the Bible, but about communicating with other people and leading them. I’m very grateful to each of my teachers for the devotion they showed in every aspect – devotion that encourages me to stay focused and endure, and not quit.” – Hristo Hristov

“I would like to express my gratitude to St. Trivelius Institute. My participation in this program was the turning point in my life. I am thankful to God and to all who made this possible. Now I have a new dream: To pass this vital knowledge on to those around me.” – Diana Hachikyan

“My years of study at St Trivelius had a great impact on me. They shaped me personally and as a Christian.” – Lev Ognyanov